The Celebrate Recovery Summit is done, but the seeds it provided are now waiting to be planted. I loved the continued message of recovery given. This recovery message is directly connected to growing our relationship with Jesus Christ. The more we surrender every part of us, every desire, every thought–keeping those harmful ones captive, the stronger our recovery is and the sobriety continues. More than anything, the desire to return to old habits wanes and in their place are the new habits which are growing. These habits look like telling our accountability partner rather than submitting to the old habit, surrendering the desire to Jesus Christ and walking away from it towards the Light of Jesus.

Today Kathy and I will head back to her stomping ground of Wallowa, OR where we were last weekend. We will meet up with her brother and sis in law at their sister’s place for a couple days. I enjoy this time for this brother is the one who introduced me to Celebrate Recovery and to the restoration classes all of which we now have at our church. He’s a keeper!

My devotions have been reminding me that God speaks and I want to act immediately upon my own impulses. There was a good deal of this in the last two days. Now is the time to “wait” for God’s timing to see what doors will open. This will be where the seeds of the last two days can be planted. So, while I wait, I’ll go pick the beans in my garden. I need to get this done ahead of leaving this morning!

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