The trip to Wallowa happened and we are here where the mornings are so nice and crisp. No air conditioning needed here. The nice surprise for me was that Kathy’s brother and wife came last night rather than today. We can have additional time with them which is the whole reason for the trip. I had asked God to work this time out and He sure did!

Today’s devotional time is emphasizing once again the Love of God for His creation–man. Satan has one purpose in mind and that is to turn man away from God. He is awfully good at that too. However, God in His faithfulness is always able to take each of us when we are trying to do things our way which eventually fails, and turn our failures into His Kingdom Work. He is a marvelous God and The Only True God. I don’t ever want to lose sight of this. In addition, I want to be faithful in letting my own story be used as light for God’s Kingdom Work as He opens doors for this. God is faithful and I want to be too.

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