The weekend has been such a nice one. Two of Kathy’s brothers and wives came in so the family reunion which is annually held here at Wallowa Lake still took place but only with the immediate family at their youngest sister’s place. It was nice to be part of this.

As I have been reading through Revelation I’ve been awakened to the reality of our world. Revelation in past readings has always been much more of a mystery. It still is in many ways, but one of the things I’ve struggled a good deal with is the mindset of man towards God. How could man ever condemn God with his words and praise the ugliness of Satan and his deceptive ways? Yet, this present state of our world and the deterioration of God’s place in our world today makes me realize the reality of Revelation is genuine and will take place (if it is not already taking place).

Churches have lost so much of their voice (value) in the minds of man. Instead of being a lighthouse of God’s Wisdom, they are radical, biased, prejudiced and so much more. I’ve wondered what platform we are to use to express ourselves in this present state? Yet, God continues to remind me He is the Ultimate Victor in all of this. My role isn’t to join a platform of man’s design. He has given me a platform of purpose which is to act daily on His nudges in my life. So, more interesting than ever, is the work of God with man and man seeing God as His Lead rather than godly men being the lead. Each one of us is to be God’s Light carrier. Don’t misunderstand me. I still know our churches have a definite role to play, but God is wanting me to realize my first priority is the role He gives me and to each of us. I don’t know how much sense this is making, but it has a resonating charge within me.

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