Jesus, What a Savior You are! This is often the phrase that comes to my mind as I begin to journal in the morning. He died to become our Savior and He rose again so He could live eternally maintaining this position of Savior. Now that He is Savior, He wants to become Lord of our life also. When I was growing up I would often hear the pastors talk about sanctification. They would define it as an experience where we submit our lives fully to Jesus making Him Lord. I can’t tell you how many times I did this. It would stick for a few days to a few weeks and then something would happen where I knew I’d blown it again so I’d need to start over.

As I’ve matured in life (there are likely those who question the truth of this) I’ve found that my emotions were what I relied on during my younger years. I was not grounded in the scriptures as being ROCK SOLID. When Jesus said He would be my Savior if I invited Him in my heart He didn’t say He’d change His mind if I fell to temptation. He said I did need to confess it but never does it say I lose my salvation. Also, when Jesus said He’d be the Lord of my life if I turned everything over to Him, He didn’t say He took the right to change His mind on this. He does say throughout scripture that as we see our stubbornness or selfishness, we need to surrender this too. Sanctification is a conscious decision, but it is also a time of growth that I find never stops while we live in our humanness.

The truth is GOD never changes. However, we spend our life continuously changing little by little to better become more like the perfect model God gave us–His Son Jesus Christ. He is so good to us!

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