The saga of the laptop is finally ended. Yesterday morning after devotions were done and this entry was written, I called the security company one last time. When they looked at all the advice they’d given and all that I’d done with it, they said there was nothing more they could suggest. I then called the company where I bought the laptop and in 2.5 hours I had it fixed. Wow, what a 4 day adventure! The remarkable thing that finally took place during my devotional time yesterday was my awakening that the computer problems were simply that–computer problems. They were not related to punishment or consequences of disobedience, or anything else. All the voices in my head were those of old Earnie. So, when I called the company that sold the computer, I was able to listen and respond without feeling like I was being punished all over again. It was a good lesson I needed to learn yet again. This time the learning went a little deeper than it ever has before.

Yesterday morning I went to the funeral service for a dear lady who use to teach for me. Her service was the most creative one I’ve ever witnessed. She had woven her voice in with those of others to tell her life story. It was a beautiful time of reflection and rejoicing of a life well lived. I’ve known her for almost 50 years and I know her life wasn’t one without struggle and strife. Yet, in all of it she never lost sight of God and her hunger to serve Him well. This is exactly what she had done too. God gave her an opportunity to reflect on her life and transpose it into a DVD that could be shared with others.

In my mind when I reflect on a day or a period of time I battle the voice telling me I’m just wanting to be better than everyone else. This is what my father use to tell me over and over when I had done something well as a child. However, God showed me yesterday a beautiful example of someone who reflected on their life’s accomplishment not to be better than anyone else, but to show them they can do this too by staying the course with God leading their life. One more great lesson from God!

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