There is a song named Amazing Love by Graham Kendrick. It speaks a message that Jesus has brought to my mind each of the last several mornings when I ask Him what He wants me to know for the day. The chorus goes: “Amazing Love, oh what sacrifice. The Son of God living for me. My debt He paid and my death He died that I might live.” The events of the past several days keep getting interwoven with the words of this song. The voices in my head kept wanting me to feel shame, guilt and worthlessness when this laptop only a year old wouldn’t work right. Each morning Jesus would bring me back to these words. This morning I saw the last three–I MIGHT LIVE. What I know Christ wants me to learn at a much deeper level is living as a new creation in the freedom He provides. I have so many tools on my computer I use when I’m out with schools that I felt worthless even going when this happened. But, even though I had to be present with it not working a couple different times, I functioned fine and the time was well spent.

There is an authority Christ has provided for us in His Holy Spirit living within each of us if we’ve truly given our heart to Him. I MIGHT LIVE is stating that the bondage of my past is forever gone. I can live victorious of it. I hadn’t written this, but Monday morning when I was told by the security company there was nothing more they could do, I stood, put my hands over the computer and told Satan, “you must flee. This is now in the hands of Jesus Christ and you no longer have any power over this tool of mine.” I was recognizing the authority of Jesus Christ. A couple hours later the computer was working.

The other thing I’m also learning from all of this is to put this same confidence in Christ’s authority into all the work I do with schools. They are up against the worst struggles I’ve seen education face in my almost 50 years. Yet, providing a rich education for each child is still the goal for every day of school. This can and will be done if our eyes are not set on the problem, but on the creative God who empowers us with His Holy Spirit. Recognizing this, surrendering my past and need to control the present, allows me to help others do the same. The answers are waiting to be found. I go in confidence that we will find the answers, “one day at a time, one moment at a time, accepting hardship as a pathway to peace”–God’s peace.

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