It is fun to be part of a day like yesterday that is filled with the excitement and hopefulness of a new year of learning and growing for the children in a school system. The issues at hand are momentarily overshadowed by the beliefs that “we can teach these kids no matter what obstacles may be in the way”. This was true yesterday as the staff of one district gathered to prepare for school beginning next Monday.

One of my devotionals talked this morning about the dark moments we live through–when we are in the shadow of God’s hand. (Isaiah 49:2) In these moments it is dark and hard to hear/listen for God’s voice/message. Oswald Chambers says that during these times to stay quiet not talking to other people, just listen and obey. He calls it the discipline of hearing. As I reflect on the past few days I realize just how much God was wanting me to listen and obey. What I realize this morning is that obeying is directly connecting to believing. God has been teaching me so much about believing a new creation is able to live free of the past’s bondage. Remembering the past is one thing, but remembering the past and staying connected to its shame is what I am free from if I only obey what God tells me to believe.

This kind God we serve is utterly amazing. How much I want to be fully surrendered to Him, His Son Jesus and to The Holy Spirit He gifts to you and me as we give our lives to Him.

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