The past couple of days have been whirlwinds of activity, however, in spite of all that’s going on, God has given a peace. Everything that is usually starting at this point in a year is doing so with a huge question mark. This goes for all the school districts, some of which have delayed their starts by 2-3 weeks, and this also goes for the ministries at church. After weeks of wondering (stewing, worrying) how all of this will come about, God has reigned me in to let me know I’m simply to do my part and let Him be God in all of this seeming chaos. He is not troubled at all. He just wants me to do my part each day. This is teaching me a good deal about trust which I’ve needed to learn for a long time. I see that now is a good lesson platform for this learning.

God really is such an amazing God and I’m learning just what an amazing Dad He also is. I am loving this relationship which continues to grow as I learn to let go of so much I thought I needed to control.

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