Yesterday turned out to be quite the day. I don’t often make a list of things to get done in a day when the day is just to be home. However, yesterday I needed to get caught up on several items from canning beans to picking berries to mowing to watering both my yard and my neighbors, etc. I ended the day going to my oldest grandson’s place to help him with his own yard. As I finally got home to shower about 8:00 pm I thanked God for all that got done and the ease of getting it done. Today Kathy and I have our two youngest granddaughters for the rest of the weekend. They are 3 & 5. They are easy keepers and lots of fun.

As I have begun to read the Bible starting with Genesis, I find myself reading it from the lens of a man created by this same God who did this miraculous work. It wasn’t miraculous to Him. It is just what He does. I find myself constantly reflecting on the true relationship He had with Adam and Eve and then both of them. The sadness He must have felt when sin entered this scene of human living. Yet, in spite of man’s sin God had the plan to redeem us. Even with sin God keeps reminding man that we started in His image, not the image of sinfulness. Even after Noah and his sons began to repopulate the earth, God gave them a reminder of who they were and Who He is. This I found in Genesis 9:6. It says, “Whoever sheds man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed, for in this image of God He made man.” God doesn’t want you or me to lose sight of our own creation. I’ve lived a long time to grasp the depth of love and support I have in this truth.

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