We have a 3 & a 5 year old granddaughters with us for the weekend. I wasn’t sure how far I’d get into my devotional time before one or both of them were on my lap. They are early risers, but for some reason, I am being given the gift of early morning peace! God, I’m sure, knows how much they need the rest and I need the quiet.

Today we have our monthly Celebrate Recovery meeting where we will be planning, as best we can, the forthcoming year and all the support classes which connect to the ministry. So many details are still at risk so I don’t know if we can make any long-term plans. The one thing which is coming together is the potential start of a new CR in a neighboring town. A couple I know well have spear-headed the building of a ministry house next to the high school. On the 26th of this month I’m meeting with all of the interested pastors to check out interest in using this new facility for a community CR. Hopefully it will be an ecumenical one. (So often someone in a church is inspired to start a ministry like this but there is no support group to help lead. Often then the ministry dies from burnout. It would be great to have several churches join their folks in this.) The couple also planned a counseling room in the layout so there is the opportunity for one to one work there also. I’m excited to see what doors open with this new opportunity.

Isn’t God good?!! It’s humbling and so rewarding to be connected to His team.

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