Sometimes the road which the journey has us taking is filled with potholes and boulders. This describes what our Celebrate Recovery meeting yesterday was like. Trying to plan a year with a restart in mid-September is difficult, if not impossible, at this point in time. The church board is meeting tomorrow night just to decide what we can do with all of the church ministries who meet using the church’s facilities.

Then, this morning I read in Genesis how God told Abraham to leave his home country and go to the land being prepared for his new home. All Abraham knew to do was to leave taking everything with him for he wouldn’t be returning. There were going to be a multitude of other steps he’d need to take upon his arrival, but God didn’t give him any of this information until the time was right. Abraham obeyed by simply taking one step at a time, trusting fully.

I realize this is God’s message for us today. Learning to trust and obey is always like a new lesson each time I come up against it. But, it is the lesson of the hour and I don’t want to be anything other than a good servant of God. So, not with worry will I wait, but with anticipation and thanksgiving.

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