The school doors have opened in one of the districts for which I serve. I’m joining these open doors today with children present. I’m glad to see this taking place and I’m praying we can keep them open throughout this year. I’m also praying that all of our schools will be open by the time this year comes to an end. I could write a very lengthy entry today on this topic, but I don’t care to join the drama surrounding the topic. I prefer to work with the people striving to provide the education for our kids as best they can.

Writing today’s entry has me pondering where I go with it? My mind wants to go into the unknowns of ministry work and the school’s work. I wrote yesterday that our board is meeting tonight to decide steps we can take so I need to let that rest for the day (yet I don’t want to). My task today is to go into the school and do all I can to give assistance there and let God do His work only as He does. I think I said yesterday that my assignment was to trust and obey. This repeated lesson is needing me to listen well and trust greatly. I needed this firm reminder.

God is in control! I’m going to go do my part in obeying and not fretting.

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