Yesterday was one of those days one would hope to have each and every day. It was the first day back at one of the schools I work with. Their new principal is green but highly gifted in so many of the qualities leadership needs. I’ve not made so much progress with a person in quite some time. Today I go to the high school and have my first day with them now that students have returned. I pray the time can be just as worthwhile as I give it all to God and do my own part in being a good listener to The Holy Spirit first and foremost.

An email arrived yesterday with the message that our Celebrate Recovery can take some steps in September to open a little more restarting our step studies and dinner time. There are parameters around these, but just knowing there is a light shining sure brings great hope and renewed enthusiasm.

As I’m now in Genesis I am reading about Abraham and Sarah’s inability to wait on God for His promise of a son to fulfill itself. Thus they take matters into their own hands and now they have Ishmael and the complications of their choosing to move ahead of God’s timing. Our present circumstances have sure been a huge temptation to do things on our own, but God’s steady Hand has continued to stay these actions. It is not always easy to know God’s plan, but knowing that when doors are closed and that God has been part of the reason the door is closed is certainly the message that timing is not right. I’ve sure had to learn this lesson more than once in my life! Listening, patiently waiting and Trusting our Loving God is key.

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