The journey today has me staying home. In a short while I’ll be meeting with a man who is doing a book study with me using the book: I Give You Authority by Charles Kraft. Its subtitle is: “Practicing the Authority Jesus Gave Us”. This book was recommended to me by my prayer warrior for this man and me to work through. It is rich in challenge. I have to confess that for me, one of my present challenges is seeing myself as person who carries within him this power/authority which Jesus gave to us. It is easy for me to have my early devotions, pray through a prayer list and then go about my day. This is all private so making it easy. The difficulty has come from voices in my head which scream the old messages from childhood–“you just want to be more important than anyone else”, “you just think you’re too good for anyone in our home–go do your own thing and never return”, and many more. Today these voices are less powerful and less paralyzing. I read that Jesus wants us to shed our fear as in II Timothy 1:7, “The Spirit that God has given us does not make us timid; instead, his Spirit fills us with power, love and self-control”.

The present chapter talks meaningfully that as we mature in our relationship with God a humility grows within us knowing any authority we carry has nothing to do with our personal characteristics, but it all lies within the Spirit which we are given by accepting Christ into our lives and daily surrendering to His Spirit’s leadership. I sure want to face this giant of belief I struggle with as does this gentleman I’m meeting with on only 20 more minutes. God is so good and so faithful. I give myself to Him.

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