A couple weeks ago I was nudged to write down this verse from Habakkuk 3:19. It reads: “The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery and my invincible army. He makes my feet like hind’s feet and will make me to walk and make progress upon my high places”. At the time I was nudged to write this and carry it with me, I was seeking some type of confidence that I wouldn’t stay caught in the sins of my past. As I read the verse I thought it was “sort of” fitting, but there wasn’t anything too tangible at the moment. I don’t think I even put this in a blog entry.

Yesterday, as my friend and I met for our book study, I was overcome with grief as we began to talk through the content of the chapter which embraced the topic of being sold out to God’s purpose with living life fully committed to Him. “I wasn’t worthy of possessing such a gift as Christ’s authority,” I said. I wasn’t alone there for both of us were feeling this way. It was then I awoke to the verse God had given me in Habakkuk. The second sentence of the verse says, …”He makes my feet like hind’s feet and will make me to walk and make progress upon my high places”. I had never seen my belief of unworthiness as a high place. Yet, at the moment yesterday I saw its grip, bondage on me. I had used it for the last time as a reason to not move forward, …”making progress on my this high place”.

Last night one of our guys in share group told that he has been diagnosed with a stage of cancer. The group leader asked the men who wanted to stay, and pray over him. He prayed and then asked any of us to also do so. For the first time I prayed sensing Christ’s authority over this. I was free to pray a healing prayer for him. Any other time I have prayed like this I would say in my head only, “God, please heal them in spite of who I am asking this of you.” I was never worthy to ask such a thing of God. It is so humbling and amazing to witness God’s continued work in our life. God is such an AMAZING GOD–Kind and Gentle–yet ALL POWERFUL!

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