This morning I am nothing but grateful for my Lord and Savior, my God who is much more like a DAD, and their Gift of The Holy Spirit. A devotional I read talked today about why we serve God? It caused me to realize more than ever the importance of our relationship with Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit. If we serve to help mankind we will be overcome with man’s criticism, lack of appreciation and so on. These are all reasons man burns out. The motivation is wrong. However, if our motivation to serve man is out of sheer love of Jesus and thankfulness it puts into a different perspective all that man says and does. Our motivation comes from a source within which has no end to it. The relationship we have with our God becomes the genuine source of motivation. This is the work of The Holy Spirit within us. The more we are connected the less we sense giving up, quitting, etc.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday are two meetings I have, one to plant the seed for starting a Celebrate Recovery in a neighboring area. The other is a meeting with our own CR leadership. What I am learning from my personal walk with God is that I will never achieve under my passion. It dies and it quickly dies if someone else is following the work only because they said yes to me and not to God. The timing I sense for something is often first started by what I see as a need. I use to use these things as projects to earn favor with God hoping He’d take away all the shame of my past. I never realized how He was waiting for me to understand how He wanted this past to be a tool for Him. This is the case for any of us. Using my past as a tool for God is what took away the shame. However, along with this, God wanted me to know that the motivation to use my past is out of sheer love for Him and not to earn the love of Him. I’m finally getting it! Helping others to find this too is a very important point God is using.

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