It is so nice to see God working. I realize He is never not working, but of late, it has been visible in the flesh. So much of God’s Work is not seen in the flesh for He is readying the heart of man. He also is the One who takes the human plans of someone like me and stays with you until you finally surrender the futility of your plan/s so you can see the beauty of His Own.

Last night my wife Kathy gave her testimony to our Celebrate Recovery group. It was the second time she has done this. It took 11 years for her to step out and tell her own story, but the wait was worth it. There were 10 men in the share group following this large group time. It was so good to hear from them how much her testimony spoke to them. Part of her story is the time when she was inspired by a friend to begin to pray for the husband she would someday have. When she told this to me many years ago, I realized she had been nudged to start this praying at the same time I was going through a most hurtful and difficult time in my own life–my divorce. To realize that God had Kathy praying for this unknown man was amazing! She lived in the San Francisco bay area at this time.

So much of what God does for us is behind the scene. I’m beginning to recognize this more and more as I get more in touch with my spirit and His Spirit within me. Since God is Spirit, He Works in spirit. It shows up in flesh, but the work is always life changing for the flesh. It took three years from the time Kathy began to pray before we were introduced. But, during that time of three years God had prepared me to marry again and He had prepared Kathy to step away from a life of corporate work and become a wife of one, a mother to three, a grandmother to 12 and an integral part of His Kingdom Work! Boy, am I grateful to Him!

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