Right now God is prepping for something bigger than man sees. I believe God is continuously doing this and inviting man to join Him through the nudges of the Holy Spirit. I spent so many years using these opportunities to “earn credit” with God so He would chip away at the ugliness of my past, the scarred body that contained a desire within to serve Him. If He would just remove the past I could serve Him well and I would serve Him well–I would plead with Him ever so often. During all of these years I attempted to serve God well and keep my story hidden away.

Over and over I am reminded that our story is not “mine”. It is ours–God’s and mine. All the years I felt so alone in my story. One of the reasons for hiding it was because it was a story of sinfulness and there is no place for God in a sinful story–so I thought. I love how God chips away at these false beliefs we develop. He is relentless in helping us see Him as the Loving Father for which He truly is. Today I desire to serve Him with “our” story of love and redemption, for this is God’s Way.

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