This morning I was going to be meeting with my prayer warrior. I had set it up so we could talk more deeply about what God has been showing me regarding His authority which is ours through The Holy Spirit when we accept Christ into our lives. Lastly, I wanted to talk more about the gifts we are given by God upon birth and how we use them to His Glory rather than hide them. Late yesterday I got a text from her saying she has a fever and some other ill effects so we shouldn’t meet today. I told her it was my turn to pray for her! However, God pointed out that He was wanting to be the One to clarify more fully these items I addressed above.

Faith is the big item here–(My devotions talked much about this today). Faith that the gifts God gives are real and true and Trust that when I go out into the day God will use them to His Honor and Glory. Stepping into this seems like something I would do each and every day. However, what is being confronted here for me are the voices in my head about motives. I am doing nothing to gain status in man’s eyes. These are the voices of old and the ones Satan wants to haunt me with. I will give them to Jesus so He deals with them. I’ll surrender the voices just like I will surrender myself unto the day for whatever work Jesus has in store for the day.

This is the time to stand up with Christ Jesus and proclaim His victory over the lies which I’ve dealt with all my life. To God be all Glory for great things He has done!

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