I have no idea how many times I’ve written here that God is AMAZING. Once again, I need to write it. What I am referencing is the detail for which God brings out in our lives. All of us in our Celebrate Recovery leadership know that we are functional, but not really inspired. The apathy towards the purpose of leadership is very present. We have been talking about this for a couple of years but the talking is only that–talk. We have now had two meetings with the core leaders to address this apathy within us. To show how real it is, only 4 of the core team showed for the meeting last night. The other 4 “couldn’t make it” for a number of reason, even though 2 weeks ago everyone said this date would work. This Sunday is to be our monthly leadership meeting so I suggested we have last night’s meeting this Sunday only inviting this core group. That is what the 4 present last night decided was right.

As I arose this early morning I began to journal some things which I knew needed to be addressed this Sunday in our meeting. However, as soon as I did, God reminded me that today is not Sunday–it is today. He already has a plan for Sunday and I am not the one He wants planning it. Today has its own work to do and I need to stay focused on today. It is one thing to be grateful for God’s leadership, it is another thing to try and take charge of His leading telling Him we need to do this and that. I’m good at this flaw.

I’ve written of late about the book study I’m doing with I Give You Authority. I’ve learned a good deal from it already and we are only half way through it. The authority God gives is huge but we don’t receive it in its fullness unless we learn to obey this authority by surrendering our own will to His. I have authority over my will and daily I must remember this truth. The authority over my will doesn’t mean I no longer have a “will”. It means that my will is now directed by The Holy Spirit Who has been waiting patiently for me to learn what genuine surrender looks like. I’m sure not done with this lesson, but my ears and my eyes are now open a good deal more.

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