The saga of surrender continues. I wrote yesterday about God being in charge of the forthcoming meeting for our Celebrate Recovery core leadership meeting this Sunday. He literally informed me to let it go as He was in charge. I had to let go several times for my mind wants to do the planning so the outcome is what I think is needed. Well, I got a call last night that the meeting is not Sunday, it is next Tuesday which is a better day for everyone else. It helped me realize that God is taking lead and I need to let this go once and for all. He told me this morning that my role is to be present. This I will do.

This morning I had another awakening. It started with my devotional reading from Oswald Chambers. In it he writes about the clouds in our lives. These typically represent sorrow, burdens, circumstances out of our control, etc. Oswald says that God is in these clouds. They accompany His Presence. What became much clearer to me this morning in reading this is that God’s Presence is Light which exposes these items. The reason they accompany Him is not about Him putting them upon us–life in this human flesh does that. God’s Presence exposes them and with this He offers us a chance to give them over to Him–surrender them. In so doing I take myself out of the equation of trying to fix them. Instead, I take a step back, surrender them to God and wait “patiently” for Him to shed Light on what I am to do, if anything.

This is the very truth God is wanting me to see about the upcoming meeting. Oswald goes on to say that these times are not so much about what we need to learn as they are about what we need to unlearn. Instead of me putting time into planning every detail, I need to let go and trust that God is doing what He says. There are times He wants me to put details together, but, this is not one of them. His Light has so shone and now it is time for me to surrender and obey.

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