Writing this date this morning as I began my journaling instantly caught me off guard. I suddenly had the awful memories of that day not so many years ago. I’m sure any reader has their own memories of this horrific day. In it however, God used the tragedies for many personal touches on people’s lives. I well recall the Sunday following this event, there were more Americans in church than had been in decades. It is a genuine truth that man does turn to God–seek God when crisis hits.

I had a young man talk for almost an hour with me last night after Celebrate Recovery ended. The darkness of sin was clouding his belief of God and man himself. He knows God and knows a lot about God, but, it is one thing to know and another thing to believe. He is coming to the step study we had to stop last March and will resume this coming Sunday. I told him this darkness will be addressed one item at a time as we go through the lessons. However, it was nice to tell him that he is already working ahead of the lessons. He is not keeping darkness in denial. He sees it for what it is. He struggles that the darkness is his identity (I sure relate to this). We prayed for God’s Pure Light to penetrate all of this darkness in the days ahead. I also prayed that last night’s talk began to crack open the door of darkness Satan has wanted kept locked for him.

Our God is such an Amazing God. Lets serve Him well.

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