Today would be my parents 93rd wedding anniversary. They were married on 9/12/27. As I took a moment to reflect on this it caused me to ponder about the impact we leave during our earthly life. Yesterday afternoon the 4 Lewis brothers still living and our spouses got together for our monthly luncheon and afternoon. (We do this thanks to our wives). Three of us are still married, one is a widower. We don’t sit and talk all afternoon about our good and bad memories of family members, but there are tidbits which come up. The ones about dad are almost never kind and thankful. The ones about mom are nothing but that–kind and thankful.

First thing yesterday morning, once my devotions were done and this blog was written, the man I’m doing the book study with arrived. This is the book, I Give You Authority. The chapter went deeply into what we know about God and what we believe about God which is demonstrated by the way we live each day. I’ve truly appreciated being more awakened to this void in my daily living. I know so much more than I daily live. God has created each and every one of us with purpose and with a gift or with gifts. Only sometimes do I live as though I believe this. We are worthy of all God has given us because of Who God Is–not for whom I am. I’m finally coming around to this.

Someday I will be gone and my kids and grandkids will have their own conversations as my brothers and I did yesterday. The legacy that is left for them will hopefully be one of believing and showing it in the way life is lived out. Knowing is only the start of believing. It is running the race of life which will show if I do more than know.

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