Today is a big day. It not only is my oldest living brother’s 84th birthday, it is also the day we restart the step study we had to discontinue last March. At that time there were 9 of us in the group of men. I’ve had 3 who have said they want to start in addition to the original ones and I’ve invited a couple more. I have no idea who will actually be present, but I’m so glad the door has finally opened for this to happen. God is wanting these men to know His Righteousness is what He sees when these men stand before Him if they have accepted Christ in their lives. Right now all they see is their pasts and present standing before God. This bondage is exactly what Jesus Christ shattered when He rose again so many years ago. I pray this study will allow each one of these men to find the freedom Christ offers and that the chains of bondage are shattered! Thanks be to God!

A fairly new attendee to our Celebrate Recovery needs firewood for the upcoming winter. Her son had been the one to help her in the past, but he is gone now. She expressed this need to my wife who mentioned it to me. Yesterday morning at a men’s breakfast our church was sponsoring a man stood up and said he had firewood to give away if anyone needs it. I immediately went to him and told of this lady’s need. This afternoon I’m taking it to her. The beauty is there is much more where this came from. I love how God is so concerned about the needs of His kids. I also love that He lets us be part of it–that in and of itself is a reward.

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