Today is day one. I need to put meaning to this first sentence. Before I do I want to praise God for opening the door for this lady I mentioned yesterday to get the firewood she needs. It’s fun to be able to be an instrument of service for God in this way. Secondly, it was so good to be back with the step study men. There were 7 of us who met yesterday and there will likely be 3 more who will be coming next week. The door is open for new ones for the next 4 weeks so I leave this in the hands of God to prompt those He wants there. It is a step of obedience and a risk for each one of them.

Back to day one–I had contacted my prayer warrior Saturday asking if we could meet Sunday afternoon. This was fine with her. I really wanted to talk deeply with her about the content of the book study I’ve mention often. It is all about worthiness for me. I opened up to her telling her about the meeting I’d had with the book study partner last Friday. From there to yesterday I’d noticed that the condemning voice in my head from dad was gone. I still had my own self-doubt, but that voice was no longer present. This I shared. My prayer warrior got teary and said we will praise God for the gift of removing that condemning voice. She had told me about the 3-R’s: rebuke, replace and rejoice. Rebuke the lies used against you, replace with the truth of worthiness and rejoice even now for what God has done, is doing and is going to do. I had rebuked and the spirit of unworthiness was gone (the voice in my head). Where I was lost was in replace. How does one replace this voice and what does it even sound like? This was my question to my prayer warrior. She said, “Lets pray right now!” As she did she thanked God for removing this evil voice and message. She then asked God to replace this message with self-love, self-appreciation and self-confidence. I simply began to weep. Could all of this be true for me?! She praised and rejoiced that God is doing this and will continue to do this.

This morning as I began to journal first thing in my devotional time, I wrote thank you to God for the time yesterday with my prayer warrior and all she addressed with me. It was then He said, “This is day one for to not only rebuke, but to replace and then rejoice.” I was amazed to realize I’m not the condemned son of dad, I am the redeemed son of God through Jesus Christ! I can’t begin to describe what it feels like to have moved from knowing this to now believing this. It is day one of living out the life of being a new creation! Praise be to God!

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