Today I return to one of the schools for which I consult. I’m looking forward to this. I awoke to find a text message from my niece in California saying my sis just older than me had fallen yesterday and so my nephew had gone to help and spend the night with her. It makes my heart so sad to realize once again just how fragile we are. Instead of being a thousand miles away, I want to be next door. I’m so glad her two sons and daughter-in-laws are not too far away.

My devotional time this morning awoke once again my need to trust. I wrote about it yesterday but in the moment I so easily forget. I don’t want to trust, I want to be where the hurt, problem, strife is as though my presence makes the difference. Then, I take a breath and realize it is God’s presence that makes all the difference in the world. Yes, for the physical side of life, it is nice to have physical presence. Yet, in the spiritual side of life it is God’s presence which makes all the difference. God’s peace is eternal. Our presence only brings very momentary peace if any at all. Today I’m reminded again to trust and respond to God’s nudges through His Holy Spirit.

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