The power of God’s Word is endless for the strength within it comes from the very core of where power resides–God Himself. As I was reading Deuteronomy 28 this morning I was overcome with this truth. God’s Word is just as genuine for today as it was predictive and true at the time Moses wrote it. One should never lose sight of this.

My sis was better yesterday and knows she needs to get to her doctor which she promises to do. I love her beyond words, but we all have our humanness which can get directly in the way of right thinking. I am no different.

Today I am challenged to surrender all “will” to God Almighty. This is not the “will” of a verb but the “will” of a noun. I will go to work today, but in so doing my will is going to be surrendered to do only God’s Will as He nudges me. Both of my devotionals were directly talking about this surrender and then my scripture reading in Deuteronomy 28 and 29 tell directly what happens when we obey God completely and also what happens when we don’t obey.

Our country and our world need each one of us to be on our knees in complete surrender of our will so that God’s Will will be done because of our obedience. His promises of blessing are true just as His promises of demise are true if we continue our disobedience. Now is the time for total surrender of our selfish will in every aspect of our lives. I stand at the front of the line in the need to do just this–“God, I surrender my will so Your Will will be accomplished. Amen”

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