Moses is coming to the end of his life and he is giving the final instructions to the Israelites. During the 40 years of their wanderings in the desert the entire population of these people have died with the exception of Moses, Joshua and Caleb. All others are the children of the disobedient. Moses is doing his best to let this new population know it is up to them to choose who they will serve. He gives them ample evidence for doing so. They know all the stories of why their parents couldn’t go into the land they are about to enter. All of this is clearly written in the latter chapters of Deuteronomy.

What really hits me personally about all of this is the stress of obedience. Obedience is what provides peace and actually freedom to live well. This is true in most situations of life. Obedience is much easier when you have a genuine love and respect for the one/s you are being obedient to. In this case the Israelites are to be obedient to the laws of God. What seems to be missing is their personal relationship with God. Their relationship was more with a man named Moses and soon to be given over to Joshua.

I’m challenged in reading this because I spent most of my life trying to obey a God I feared far more than I loved. I had a lot of pent up hurt I needed to process with Him but feared doing it. Thus, my relationship with God was hugely distorted. This journey of living out the past 12 years has given me not only an immense love for God, but it has also given me an intimate connection with Him through Jesus Christ. The importance of The Holy Spirit continues to grow within me too. Becoming obedient to this FATHER is so much different when I cherish Him rather than fear Him. He truly is worthy of all Praise!

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