I don’t know about you but I kept waking during the night and checking to see what results were indicating. It is evident that we will need a day or two in order to have a resolute answer. Throughout the history of man Satan has done tremendous damage to God’s original creation of man. We were created for fellowship with God and God gave us an entire earth to inhabit and enjoy. Yet, look what evil has done in taking our eyes off of God and onto man himself. When this happens we start to determine what “right” should look like and what “evil” also looks like. Each group of men throughout the world does this. The result? Look at our world’s situation and look within our own country.

God has given us a perfect outline of morality in His Word. He has asked us to take it seriously and live by it. He has also asked us to not judge one another, but to discern. In our flesh we judge all the time, but only in our spirit can we discern. Discerning never feels judgmental. It actually serves as a boundary. We know not to cross over that line for it will lead to real trouble. There is so much judgment in today’s world and so little discerning. At least, this is true in what we can visibly see and hear.

This present journey seems to halt for a moment while man makes a critical decision. My prayers are the same–Let your LIGHT so SHINE, JESUS CHRIST my KING! It is YOU I want to serve and obey.

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