The message of yesterday remains. I met yesterday morning with the man I do the book study with, I Give You Authority. The chapters we are in are now very personal as the author talks deeply about dealing with the inner struggles in life/temptations only we know about and rarely, if ever, talk about. These are the ones I referenced yesterday without identifying them. They may be the same for some of us, but each of us have them. The author identifies the struggle and writes definitively that the same authority we have over other demons is the authority we have over these. The struggle this time is that we vacillate about replacing them–we like them (without saying it out loud).

As I read my scripture today in Joshua, the children of Israel are dividing the land they’ve been given by God–boundaries are being set. Joyce Meyer writes that firm boundaries must be set in our own lives in order to live in the freedom God intends for us to have. This was the conversation I had yesterday with the gentleman I meet with. The Holy Spirit is nudging this man and me to now learn to use the authority of The Cross to Recognize, Rebuke and Replace these struggles (the 3 R’s I’ve written about). In so doing, firm boundaries must be set. I love how God orchestrates these lessons of life. He not only is our loving God, He is a masterful teacher as well.

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