The last couple of days have been ones of big lessons for which I’ve written. So, why should I be surprised by the fact I have been under attack? I’m to teach a leadership lesson on Sunday to our Celebrate Recovery leadership team as we have our meeting. I had all of it prepared and the packets made. However, all day I battled with the haunting thoughts of my inability to teach and my lack of worthiness to teach such a lesson. I battled temptations along with all of these thoughts. I went to bed early last night just to get them ended.

Today as I began my devotions I started to journal about this. Instantly Jesus was reminding me of His Promises and His scriptural directions which I’ve written here about numerous times. I was recognizing the attack but I wasn’t rebuking it and I certainly wasn’t replacing it with any of God’s promises. So, this morning Christ and I did this. I have to pause in writing this. I just get overwhelmed with gratitude for Christ’s faithfulness to us. As I rebuked the lies Christ was reminding me to apply self-love, self-appreciation and self-confidence to replace them. All of these come from TRUSTING a God for whom I have grown to know as THE ALMIGHTY GOD AND KING! He is the One who conquered the grave and it is already done! Thank you!

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