The last sentence of yesterday’s post didn’t make sense. “He is the One who conquered the grace….” It was suppose to read, He is the One who conquered the grave….” Sorry for not catching it!

Yesterday turned out to be an amazing day. I went to a men’s breakfast at our church and left early to meet with a man in our step study who hadn’t come for 3 weeks and I knew he was struggling. He came to our home so we could meet privately. On my way from church to home I called my prayer warrior. I gave her some information about this gentleman and she said she’d be praying. This turned out to be a 2.5 hour meeting where a great deal of hurt was revealed. Satan, like he always does, had turned this hurt into beliefs. As the beliefs were spoken it was easier for him to recognize the lies they were. In asking if he wanted to face them and replace them, he said, “yes”. We made a plan to get him caught up with the group. After he left I contacted our prayer warrior telling her the time had been well spent. She told me of the scriptures she’d been praying over him during the time. How good God is and how faithful this servant is as she prays for God’s Kingdom Work to shed its Light into such darkness!

Today we have our Celebrate Recovery leadership meeting following the church services. I’m doing a training piece which I have sensed God putting on my heart. I’ve known God is wanting this done today, but I’ve fought the voices of past in preparing it. This is where I was reminded yesterday to replace these lies, which I did. God’s peace is now present and I have an expectation of joy to watch God’s Spirit work in us today.

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