Today I awoke early as I often do. As I got up there seemed to be a list of many things I needed to get accomplished forming in my mind. However, as I sat down to journal with Jesus about all of them there were only a very few to write down. Once that was done the pressure dissipated and I felt at peace again. I began to read my devotional and of course its topic was worry. The author said that when we step into worry Satan tries to take charge. When we don’t confront it we have doubts, confusion and insecurity. All of this is what Jesus was wanting me to see and address this morning. I am a very grateful follower of Jesus Christ. He is a most trustworthy Savior, King and Friend.

As I began to read the first chapters of Judges this morning I saw myself. It is incredible that 3,000 years+ later, we still behave so much like the people did then. The lessons we learn from living life are repeated over and over. We cannot learn a lesson and then pass the learning down to the generations which follow. We can tell the stories of our lessons, but most, if not all of us have to experience the pain of lessons in order to make them true for us. I’m sure this is why we are taught that each one of us needs to accept Christ Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord. We cannot do this for someone else just like we cannot learn a lesson for them. Jesus is very personal and there’s a very good reason for this. How much I love Him!

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