Today is Thanksgiving eve. A natural part of me likes to step back and reflect and that is what writing this blog allows me to do. Each morning at this point in time I take a moment to reflect on what yesterday held, how was it, and listen for The Holy Spirit’s voice. I then process what I’ve heard from the morning’s devotional and bible reading for their applications and learning. Writing this down each day in my journal and then here allows me to be better grounded.

Tomorrow being Thanksgiving is the day for giving thanks. I can and will be glad to have our immediate family together and very thankful that we are all well and can be together. In spite of all the turmoil and unrest our country/world is facing, when I reflect for a moment on God my Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the precious Gift of The Holy Spirit, I become most thankful. All the unrest there is cannot penetrate the peace that passeth all understanding which is only found in these MIGHTY THREE: God the Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit. How GRATEFUL I am!

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