HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Today I feel far more grateful than I do happy. As soon as the grandkids bound into the house from whichever entrance they choose, happy is then the word. Happy and energy go hand in hand and the grandkids are full of energy which instantly surfaces happiness. At this moment I am grateful.

Yesterday I finished a book entitled, Educated. It is an autobiography of the author’s life growing up in eastern Idaho in an ultra-conservative family who never allowed her to enter public school and even instilled in her and her siblings that public school is evil. The book moves from one haunting moment to another. My Oklahoma daughter and Kathy had both read it and said I should too. In finishing it I can’t help but process the similarities. Abuse is different for everyone, but the outcome it leaves has so much in common. One of the most crippling commonalities is the distorted view of life and what one does to attempt to coverup what one begins to realize about oneself vs the rest of the world. The book leaves me most grateful for God’s mercy in not leaving me in the state I was in so many years ago. God is relentless and gently patient with us as He day by day steers us to His Healing Light.

Today, I pray each of us will be filled with abundant thanksgiving to God, His Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit. I pray too each one will be open to receive thanks given to you. Give and receive–this completes the thanksgiving circle of love modeled for us by God our Father.

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