I missed entering yesterday’s blog due to Black Friday shopping. We were up at 3:45 am so I could take 3 grandsons and Kathy could take granddaughters. Some of the grandkids spent the night so they would be here and ready. Of course we boys finished much earlier than the girls. I was home by noontime but Kathy didn’t arrive until evening. Both of us had great times with the kids, but my posting was neglected for the day.

I had invited a man I’ve known since he was a boy to join us for Thanksgiving. He had only met Kathy and my oldest daughter one time many years ago. As I took him home that evening he was telling me what kind and thoughtful kids and grandkids I have. He said he’d never felt so comfortable and welcome in a new environment as he did that day. It was so nice to hear this. I know the goodness of my family, but I also know our flaws–since many of them came from me! However, it is good to know the heart of our family is kind and thoughtful. This same man called me last night and truly needs prayer today. He doesn’t even know about this blog so I ask any reader to remember him today if God lays this request on your heart.

I get to show my second oldest grandson how to shave later today. He has an electric one, but he wants to know how to use the traditional razor. He hasn’t had a dad in his home much of his life so I’ve had the privilege of filling this gap in many ways. We bought the shaving items yesterday while shopping and just the two of us as going again today. So following our shopping we will have our shaving lesson. It seems silly, but this is one more reason I’m a grateful grandpa. It is fun to be asked for little things like this. Isn’t God good!

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