Yesterday was filled with fun and then horrible news. The shopping and shaving ended with smiles. We even had a Harry Potter movie evening with popcorn. While shopping I received a call from yesterday’s prayer request gentleman. His need was totally taken care of. He appreciated the prayers!

In the middle of the movie I received a call that my sis just older than me in California fell and was on her way to the hospital in an ambulance. Her older son had found her. He went to her home since she wasn’t answering her phone. There are many complications the doctors are trying to unravel, none of which are good. I received 4 updates during the evening but nothing yet this morning. In moments like these I do hate being the age I am. It seems one can’t go very many days without another tragic moment from someone close. Bonnie is my sis’s name. She sure needs our prayers.

During my devotional time I was thanking Jesus for answered prayer and then asking for intervention for Bonnie. As I asked Jesus what he wanted me to know for today I was given the reminder that He is the God of this universe and He is also Bonnie’s God. There is nothing for which He is unaware. I can trust Him. At the moment I needed the reminder and thanked Him for this.

Today starts the Advent season. I’m so grateful for this season and the reminder of our Great Savior’s coming. I rest assured He is here. My heart hurts, but my confidence in Christ Jesus is well anchored.

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