I always wonder for a moment, after having a week away from the consulting world, why I still do it? Then, as soon as I get to whatever district I’m working, it hits me, this is why I’m here. I’m feeling it this morning. My mind is filled with the potential needs of my sis. They have her on a ventilator to keep her calm while they attempt to diagnose what is going on. Nothing at this point has been determined. MRI’s are being done, but no news yet. She is a widow who lost her husband to a heart attack 3 years ago. There are likely big decisions to be made now for her own self. This weighs heavily on me as I know she didn’t want this to happen for herself. I can’t do anything but pray at this point. God keeps assuring me He Knows and He provides.

Our oldest grandson came for dinner last evening as he often does on Sunday. It is so nice to have him be so open with Grandma and me. He is preparing to go into the Air Force this coming year. He is seeing a great future there for him. We join him in his prayers that God is the One leading him in this direction. So far, the doors are very open.

My bible reading this morning tells of David seeking food from Nabal, I Samuel 25. Nabal was a self-centered, greedy man so he turned the offer away. His wife Abigail, however became aware of the request and quickly prepared food for David and his men. David was about to destroy Nabal’s little kingdom when Abigail arrived with the food and pleaded with David to accept her offer and not to follow through with what he might regret later. David did accept this and not so many days later, he witnessed what God did to take care of Nabal. A footnote in my bible reminds the reader to take heed to Abigail’s actions. She did what was right in God’s eyes in spite of what her husband said. To this day she is an example for all readers to heed God’s nudges and watch God fulfill His Work.

Today I do what I know I’m to do and not let the worry of tomorrow become what I do today.

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