The journey of life does continue, but what takes place in it is sometimes totally out of one’s control. My sis has suffered a stroke which has her lungs compromised and for the moment, she is on a ventilator. The extent of the stroke is unknown at this point. Wednesday or Thursday is likely when they will attempt to remove the ventilator to see what she is able to or not able to do. The journey does continue, but these happenings are certainly not what one would ever choose. The family seeks your prayers.

As I began my devotions this morning the first thing I read was titled: “Close to His Heart”. Bonnie is close to God’s heart as are her kids and grandkids. I took a picture of it and sent it to her sons. I also needed this reminder. God’s plan is sometimes difficult to handle, yet, He provides these little intimate moments to assure us He loves and cares deeply for you and me. What a blessed God we serve!

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