As this journey does continue, so does Satan and his evil forces. If he can make us fearful, we will succumb to it not allowing the fullness of what God wants done to be completed. I’m sure in the midst of our world crisis with the pandemic, all of us have been exposed (maybe many times) to the virus. We can be paralyzed with the fear of this or we can be as smart as possible and continue to do what God has doors opened to do. I am in a situation like this now. The school district where I spend more of my time is on the verge of deciding to go completely virtual as so many are doing. Making these decisions out of Godly wisdom rather than out of fear is the goal.

When God nudges He wants us to know He is in this. I don’t need to fear for my confidence is not in me, but in my God. If he nudges, I am to obey and even though man may think I am unwise, I choose a Wisdom, much higher than man’s. The difference is knowing God’s nudges. Today in my scripture reading, David is being blamed by his 600 followers for their dwellings being burned and their families/belongings captured and carried away. David didn’t succumb to man however, he went to God and God told him to pursue and He would be with him. David’s confidence to obey was in his trust of God and the outcome was they returned with everything taken.

God wants you and me to TRUST HIM where He has placed us. He wants us to trust His nudges and to know them. God is faithful and I choose to obey His nudges. GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD!

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