Today I get to stay home. The afternoon has 3.5 hours of meetings, but it feels good to not need to head out. My sis’s condition is not changing as of yet. She still requires the ventilator and when she opens her eyes, they do not focus. The fact that no one can be with her only worsens all of this. Somehow, hearing loved ones voices is needed to awaken the desires to fight. God is reminding me that I need to turn first and foremost to Him. He is the best One to instill a fight in my sis if He wants her fighting. All of this seems like a bigger trust than I want to have, but this is the man in me talking. In my heart I want God’s Will to be accomplished. So I keep praying for peace and for His Will to be done.

My mind frequently goes to all of the years of enjoyment I’ve had with my family never once (in the younger years) thinking what these later years would be like having to experience the passing of each one. It is such a firm reminder that our earthly life is temporary. Even though I know this, my heart hurts as I wait.

How much I love our God. What would life be like if we had to go through it without Him? Thank you GOD!

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