As I had gotten out of bed and dressed I did what I always do–go to the coffee pot and pour my first cup. Well, when I found it empty I thought for a moment I’d forgotten to prepare it the night before, yet the new grounds were in it and water was in the reservoir. It too had entered the gates of heaven leaving me without my Folgers! Kathy has a Keurig so I resorted to using it. Enough of that.

As I began to journal I seemed to be greeted not only by Jesus, but by a kind, kingly Father. I was taken back by this. I have journaled to Jesus for years but today it was as though God my Father was welcoming me also, so I greeted Him too. Then as I began my devotional reading I found them to be addressing the loving Father our God is. Even in Nehemiah, the book I’m now reading in my Bible reading, was talking about the peoples’ need to worship and give thanks to their Heavenly Father. They had just finished rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem and rebuilt all of the gates. It was time to rejoice and give thanks to their Father who had provided their needs and protected them during this time.

I didn’t know an earthly father who was kind and loving. However, God is certainly demonstrating what He wants me (us) to know about what it is like to have a Father who is kingly as well as kind, nurturing and loving. Leadership doesn’t need to be cruel. I lived so much of my life knowing what I didn’t want to be. God has done so much to show me (us) what being a father is to be like. Today I give praise and honor to my Heavenly Dad. Tears well up inside of me just writing this.

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