Today has begun before I even got out of bed. There was a text for me from a struggling man needing to talk. We spent time on the phone where he vented and I prayed for him. He is truly in the pit of despair regarding his life’s current status and rightfully so. I know God is only beginning to awaken him to HIM, but he is so low he isn’t seeing any Light at the moment. We have probably all been at this point, and can relate. It is at this point in my own life when a dear lady who is now in heaven, told me I must be loved dearly by God or else I wouldn’t be struggling like I was. She went on to say that it will be from this struggle that God will eventually give me tremendous use for Him. Little did I know then what she was talking about. That is where I find this young man today. But, today I know much better how to pray for him and trust completely for him in the God we serve. I’d ask you to join me in praying for him.

The other thing I wanted to put in this blog today is the continued Light God is shedding of late about His Faithfulness. Today’s message is all about GRACE. My learning is that Grace is abundant when we are surrendered. Whatever effort we make to control the day for our sake, the more we restrict God’s Grace from being known. The other thing is that Grace is known for the present day. Even the Lord’s Prayer tells us, “Give us this day our daily bread….” It is not given for the future. It is given for today. The torments of life and all it holds are given Grace in the present. So our faith/trust needs only to be for today. There’s an abundant amount to hang onto here. My personal learning need is to remember this part about “today”. God’s Grace is for today. How I love Him for this!

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