The morning is quiet, no noises anywhere except in my head. There are questions about today’s work–finishing a school district’s federal review, a training this afternoon, a meeting following that with one of my pastors and then Celebrate Recovery tonight. Along with this there is trouble others are having which don’t have ready solutions. I’d like to help, but how to do this and if I should isn’t clear. Satan would like for this to destroy my day. However, I’ve bound him in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! He has no authority over me and none over these situations unless we choose to not follow Christ Jesus in them and the nudges He will give at the moment we need to respond or withhold from responding.

I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When I am weak, HE is STRONG. Today I surrender and want to stay surrendered so His Light will be the Light which leads in every area. This Light is also the LIGHT where Satan has to flee. His darkness is not only penetrated, but his darkness can have no residence when Christ Jesus is given authority.

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