As only God does, one of the situations of yesterday has a 9:00 meeting this morning addressing it. I have been invited to attend. God is always amazing and I give praise to Him even now for the outcome. He is our One and Only True God!

Last night our Celebrate Recovery testimony was a video. The gentleman sharing his recovery story had a different one from mine, with the exception of the influences of his dad. Promises were made by his dad which always were left unfulfilled. By the time this man was entering adulthood his attitude towards God carried much defective thinking. As only God orchestrates, the last year of his father’s life was spent in the home of this man. During this time he found out just who his father was as a person. The gentleman said in the end, “I found out my dad really did love me, he just was a very poor father.” I wrote this down because it truly resonated with me. There were so many times I had wished I weren’t my dad’s son. I hadn’t looked at my dad as a person until last night separating him as father from him as a person. It would have been so much easier to have been a neighbor to dad or a friend to him. He treated all of them so much differently. Today I realize the truth of this man’s statement: “I found out my dad did love me, he just was a very poor father.”

When I finally had talked with my dad a few weeks before his death, I shared what my counselor had wanted me to share. It was then that dad told me, “I told everyone I knew how proud I was of you, I guess I just forgot to tell you.” Dad’s message to me that day was heard but it didn’t at that time replace the depth of damage his previous ones had caused. Last night’s speaker helped me close this door. I can now see dad as a person who was different than the one who was my father. Dad was a good man, he just wasn’t a good father.

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