Today is not the typical Saturday. We have an 8:30 am mtg which is followed by a 9:30 practice for tomorrow’s worship for which I’m taking part. Following that I have another practice for the funeral service Monday for my dear friend’s mom. When I get home some other friends are coming by to pick me up so I can show them where the two Free Methodist churches were in a couple neighboring towns. They no longer exist but this particular friend is a social history researcher. She wasn’t raised in this area so she said she is dying to know where these sites were. I’m sure she’ll take pictures for her records. I was raised attending one of them and my family attended the other one at the time of my birth. For me, it will just be fun to spend some hours with them.

Yesterday I mentioned the 9:00 am mtg. It was one of those where God’s presence and influence had to take charge or else it was going to go down quickly. After about 20 minutes I could see the downward spiral and I prayed inwardly for God’s Almighty Holy Spirit to take charge and help the ones talking to hear each other with understanding and stop trying to defend their own message. The meeting ended after 1.5 hours where both parties agreed their greatest strength is their passion and in this case their greatest weakness was their passion. It had closed their ears from hearing the other one. God’s presence made all the difference and the meeting ended with a great plan for moving forward. I just love watching God work!

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