I have truly been amazed this week watching God work. The lesson for last night’s Celebrate Recovery really challenged those present to not only pray about what is on their minds which brought them to CR, but also to obey what God is nudging them to do. The story I said I’d read was a perfect fit for the lesson. In share group time the men were seemingly challenged to open their hearts to God and trust Him rather than make excuses why they wouldn’t be obedient to a nudge from God.

I’ve needed wisdom in knowing how to work with a couple situations in the school districts for which I spend time. Yesterday was one of those days. We needed to tackle a couple of issues which turned out extremely well. Not only was the problem able to be discussed, but a solid plan of action was developed. I do love watching God work.

One of our men who came last night to CR was one who had come for a couple years, but then dropped out. In coming last night he shared why he had dropped out. It is so easy to get our eyes off of God and to measure any progress from what we see in others. We will even judge ourselves and others in so doing. How amazing God is and how faithful He is at relentlessly bringing us back to the points in our lives we didn’t want to see the first times He brought us to them.

The song we sang last night right before our lesson was, “Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord” I want to see you. That was the start of the lesson. We ended the lesson with the statement, “open the eyes of my heart Lord, I not only want to see you, but then I want to obey You”. Pray and Obey, that is God’s challenge for each of us as we walk with Him each and every day.

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