Sometimes on this journey of life we get awakened to a reality which is completely unexpected. This happened for me last night. Last Sunday morning our quartet sang a song right before the message was given. We had chosen this particular one because of its direct application to the sermon being given. I wrote about it that morning in my blog. I was asked to speak to the song ahead of its being sung because the title is confusing–God Doesn’t Care. I was even complimented several times by different ones about the effectiveness of the words used and the effectiveness of the song itself to ones who have struggled with their value to God. Even in choir practice last night a lady spoke up and thanked the quartet for its song Sunday morning. The choir applauded.

I was asked to stay for a moment at the end of choir along with one other from the quartet. We were told that the song was offensive to someone/s in the congregation. God Does Care about our sins and what they are this voice expressed. Even though I’d tried to establish this foundation ahead of the song’s delivery, it was missed by some. We all know that God deeply cares about sin. That’s why He sent His Only Son. The one talking to me said that when the Spirit of God is working, know that the spirit of evil is also at work trying to cripple God’s work.

I’m glad to be brought to this level of clarity. I had prayed for God’s Spirit to touch those in need with this song’s message. I have lived a lifetime of believing I needed to somehow earn enough points with God so I’d finally be good enough for God to care for me. There were scores of people who did respond to this message in the congregation and in the streaming of it. However, I never thought to pray for the evil one to be checked. This is my wake up. I pray even now that for the Light of Jesus to penetrate to the heart and Satan’s deception will be seen for the lie it is. God is the Victor!

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