I’ve said earlier that the Psalms have been a struggle for me to read. They are filled with the burdens of David and him pouring his heart out to God asking for help. David isn’t the only author of them, but he is a dominant one. Well, there is a totally different message coming to me from the Psalms as I read them this time. It is the message of PRAISE and WORSHIP. In the deeper areas of my soul there has been a longing for love–to be loved. It goes right back to my earliest memories where I was ridiculed for being the soft-hearted, less than manly boy. I recognize all of this as a lie today. However, as I was reading the Psalms this morning they were declaring into existence what isn’t real as of yet. Psalms 16:10 starts with, “I believed, therefore I said,….” I was challenged to fill in the blanks with what God is wanting me to believe. So, as I began to do this I was inspired to start with praising Him for what He is going to do ahead of it happening.

I am a realist by nature. Something has to be existing or close to it for me to be grounded in it. However, God is wanting me to know that in His Spiritual World, existing is different than in our world of flesh. The healing for the young man I mentioned yesterday is yet to take place but it is going to. I can praise God now for this. A young man who has a job interview today, I can praise God for what will take place with it. I can praise God for another man who is troubled about the role he plays with our Celebrate Recovery ministry. God will be working this out. I can praise God for replacing the inner longing of my soul with His Love.

What a beautiful way to start Monday morning!

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