I will never again say that the Psalms are anything but a tremendous help and Light for us as we journey through life. I cannot believe how long I’ve struggled with them. In reality, I struggled to keep my own emotions checked so I didn’t sound like the troubled David or any other writer for them. I wanted to “look like” I was in better control of my life or that the problems of my life didn’t have such a grip on me that I needed the help for which the Psalms are crying. I have been in such denial of my real self!

Today as I was journaling and asking Jesus what He wanted me to know for today, it was clear I needed to address this selfish side of me. Selfish in the truth that I struggle a good deal and don’t want to share that part of me. I’d much rather have those struggling share their burdens with me and I can then be a helper for them. Yes, I go to my prayer warrior with burdens, and I do share them with her. Yet, I tell myself that I need her to pray for the “others”. I also write this blog daily and I express my need in it. Yet, I tell myself I do this so my “little need” will help someone’s greater need.

So, this morning I asked God to forgive this selfishness of mine confessing the sin of it. I want to be an open book for God to use fully for His Kingdom. The Psalms are a genuine example of man pouring out his heart to God and then receiving God’s direction and peace in doing so.

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